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Union Jack

Beautiful home furnishings
made with pride
in Great Britain

Beautiful. Bespoke. British.

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We appreciate sometimes you enjoy being old school and although you have sought us out online you may want to write to us to ask a pertinent question.

To do this, please write to:

The Great British Ottoman Company
Deanfield Works
Deanfield Drive


Call Us for a Chat

We here at TGBOC know only too well that sometimes when making a purchase it is nice to know there is someone at the end of the phone to answer that decisive question.

If you have a question to ask and it doesn’t currently have an answer on our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS then feel free to call our customer service team during normal office hours.

Our customer help line number is: 01200 427744.


Email Us

If you have an out of hours question and feel it can simply be explained by email then please contact us about any of our products or services at:



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